A new twist to the tale

The new age of literature is here. Told entirely through emails, sms, chats and blog posts, this insanely funny novel “e- square”  by Matt Beaumont plays out through the inboxes, chat texts and SMSes of different people of a total abnormal and weird ad agency Meerkat360.

What is really unique about this novel is that not a single sentence is written in the usual story telling format. Rather the dialogue results as a sequence of emails and counter emails, SMSes and their replies. All these are intertwined to create the screenplay of the novel.

The story does not confines itself within Meerkat360 – the ad agency but encompasses the life of each and every people directly or indirectly associated with Meerkat360 and also their family and friends. What follows is a whole gamut of colourful characters, bitching, backstabbing and loads of guffaws.

Lets eagerly await this simple, breezy genre of “Now” age literature. Lets see if this is a fad or a trend to follow.

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