Blogwatch: A farrago of words

If you are playing Scrabble or other word games (hopefully not in office time), and need some obscure word to make that triple word score, World Wide Words is the site you should bookmark.

It’s replete with words like, well, farrago (an assortment or a medley), balductum (which means farrago), financephalograph (an analogue computer designed to model a national economy), gazump (to unfairly acquire a property by bidding more than an offer that has already been accepted), jactitation (a restless tossing of the body in illness; a boastful or false statement) and vril (a fictional energy source).

As opposed to neologisms like ‘refudiate’ (which by now you realise is becoming my favourite word this week), this site is for paleologisms, words that are obsolete or extinct. Surely, some need to be brought back into circulation; I particularly like vril. While we’re trying to rave and rant about ending our addiction to carbon, the skeptic might say that the green economy might run on vril. Another one deserving resurrection is rannygazoo, the kind of stuff politicians, celebrities and sportsmen keep telling us.

Whether you’re a journalist looking for a telling word to damn your victim, or a copywriter needing a nice rhythmic word, World Wide Words is just the site to go to.

About ozymandias

What am I? A body and brain, products of carbon concatenation chemistry, an intelligence and conscience to enable bits of DNA evolve. Maybe a pharaoh, maybe a dung-beetle, never more than a safe conduit for some genes.
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