Blogwatch: Ann Telnaes’ animated cartoons

We often look first at the cartoonists’ column in a newspaper – it is in a way, a summary of the day’s dominant theme. Presented in a witty manner, with an exaggerated caricature and a witty line, the cartoon often makes for a refreshing start to the day, almost akin to a second cup of tea.

As newspapers are moving online (some have actually stopped printing their paper edition), they are moving to a medium that combines the richness of print, TV and radio in one. How much fun would it be were a newspaper cartoon to make full use of the medium?

Pulitzer Prize winner Ann Telnaes’ of the Washington Post does exactly that. Using her skills both as a flawless cartoonist and as an adept animator, she runs a column/blog on the newspaper’s website. Her animated cartoons make for a broad commentary on political issues facing the USA, and do with animation everything that a print cartoon could not. Indeed, they are the next generation of cartooning.

While the individual cartoons may be of no relevance (and also incomprehensible) to readers outside the USA, they are worth at least a one time watch for their path breaking style. And they are certainly a must watch for animators looking to create the online version of the Common Man, who doesn’t just stand around, but moves and speaks too.

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