Think before you link

When creating an online banner, or trying to link your landing page to a larger website, it’s tempting to use the internet’s most popular phrase – ‘click here’. Well, it works many times, readers click on it if they really want the information, it doesn’t really detract too much from the content, does it? Only, Google is allergic to it; its Adwords program will never allow you to use it.

But in advertising online, as in advertising in any other medium, every word, every bit of space counts. There are ways to be creative about your link phrase too. And also to increase the likelihood that your visitors will actually click on the link you so badly want them to.

Look at this example.

To read more about our excellent product, click here.

Your visitor sees click here so many times in a day, does he or she really feel like clicking? And of ten words in the sentence, only the last two are hyperlinked. Is that enough exposure?

Now look at this:-

There’s a lot more our product has for you.

Nine words. Appealing language. No cliched phrases. And the hyperlink covers all nine words, a lot more surface area.

Which do you think will work better for you?

And on a banner, well, generally the entire banner is click-able. So does having a brightly coloured ‘click here’ button truly help? Surely, you can try a few more creative ways to induce your visitor to click?

About ozymandias

What am I? A body and brain, products of carbon concatenation chemistry, an intelligence and conscience to enable bits of DNA evolve. Maybe a pharaoh, maybe a dung-beetle, never more than a safe conduit for some genes.
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