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It is with great hesitation that I finally managed to embark on this journey of blogging. Used to think that it is such a waste of time (it still is in many cases). But then it is also an effective way of putting across one’s thought or POV. I now encourage the team to blog, but blog on relevant subjects, relevant to the medium we advocate, relevant to the people whom we expect to visit our website.

We live in interesting times (I know it’s a cliché) but then we are interesting people. Typically in a day we want to experience all emotions of happiness, success, sorrow, pain followed by gain, anger, disgust and that all consuming feeling of being let down……it’s like a hindi blockbuster. The Internet is just like that, a perfect medium for the times, it offers everything and more. The trouble is that there is a set of people who always have had the fear of unknown, they are always sceptical, typically saying- Internet business ka kuch nahi hoga. Mere bhai hoga nahi, ho raha hai! There is a very real danger that many advertising professionals over the next five years will become obsolete if they do not adapt themselves quickly. Their irrelevance would have been hastened if we could put the broadband infrastructure in place quicker. And then there is this other set of people, the so called ‘youth’ the future of the country who spend a lot of time surfing, networking, downloading and just by being heavy users start believing that they are masters of the medium, these I refer to as half tickets, they know the jargon, they know the technicalities but their knowledge is based on what is there on the wild web and its scary. Because the kind of self confidence they demonstrate for the amount of understanding and knowledge they have is self defeating. We at the Interactive division understand this. It is going to be a steep learning curve and a very exciting journey.

As an Agency we are committed to the medium and we will take fast strides, we will have our ups and downs as a start-up but ultimately we will succeed. The industry is grappling with a lot of issues of quality people, technical prowess, understanding of the medium, remuneration for services – you name the issue and it exists here. But then that’s what is challenging. I will share thoughts on random subjects from creativity to technical prowess to consumer behaviour in this space, hope you enjoy the ride.

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2 Responses to Flog the blog

  1. birdeyev@yahoo.in says:

    Good luck to the RK Swamy team for stepping into the interactive division.

    Having said that, I think the team should really use this blog-space for more relevant topics. We’d want to see, what RK Swamy as an interactive team is doing in this domain and not just talk about internet trends from aspirins to facebook theories or some augmented reality info. People swimming in this virtual space already know about these trends. We’d want to read about RK Swamy’s initiatives, it’s ups and downs, it’s creativity and it’s consumer insights.

    Good luck.

  2. birdeyev@yahoo.in says:

    Also its strange the amount of time the team takes for moderating the comments.
    I’ve left quite a few comments. Few kudos and few brickbats.
    But none of them have been uploaded.

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