Augmented Reality in Kids world

Augmented Reality (AR) has entered your child’s playroom in a big way. A project dubbed as “Do Crew” by whistleBox (NY) is a new Browser-based AR experience targeted at kids and their most loved activity – watching cartoons.

Do Crew has a series of animated cartoon stories which also adds up to interactive Augmented Reality games that they can play using webcams attached to desktop or laptops.

Kids can control cartoon characters or vehicles by jumping or leaning sideways. They can also play other games by waving their hands in front of the webcam. Do Crew developers emphasis that their sole aim is to help combat the growing epidemic of child obesity. Through these games kids are no longer glued to their seats but use their whole body to actively interact with the games.

Targeting the Children’s entertainment market will also be a boon for the Augmented Reality industry. Time magazine has named AR as one of the Top technology trends to watch in 2010-2011 and by engaging kids AR might actually be accepted by the mass.

The site says: “Children will not stop watching television, and parents will not stop feeling guilt about that fact. So, where does that leave us? It leaves us with a rare opportunity to acknowledge this epidemic and treat it at the most basic level. The Do Crew team is dedicated to making all passive media active, and we believe that with a little technology and imagination we can reimage the personal computer or console video game system as effective electronic exercise equipment.”


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