Your brand on Facebook: How not to get lost – Part III

Best Practices Set #3: Don’t let your page get ‘brandjacked

  1. Remain alert. Your page can get brandjacked if you are not alert. Refer to the case-study on Nestle’s disastrous campaign (
  2. As discussions happen between fans, help steer the conversation.
  3. Be a fan of your competitors’ Facebook pages. Watch what they are doing.
  4. Don’t be drawn into fights. If somebody posts anything negative, respond rationally. A flame war does no one any good at all.

Best Practices Set #4: Technology is about making things easier

  1. Configure your Page’s “Settings” to allow more participation. You’ll never get anywhere with your fans if you don’t allow them to participate on your Page. You may have to check your Page more regularly for rogue comments, but that is a small price to pay for increased participation and brand visibility.
    Go to “Settings” on the home view under the “Share” button and set the following:

    View Settings:
    1) Default View for Wall :: Posts by Page and Fans
    2) Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else :: Wall or Custom Tab
    3) Auto-Expand Comments :: Check

    Fan Permissions:
    Check :: Fans can write on the wall
    Check :: Allow fans to post photos
    Check :: Allow fans to post videos
    Check :: Allow fans to post links
  2. Put “http://” before all Web sites in “Updates”. People will not copy and paste into their browser. “Updates” are similar to e-mails that you can send to your fans inside of Facebook. Make sure that you have the “http://” in front of all Web site URLs [such as] that you list in your Update. By this the URL is automatically hyperlinked so that individuals can visit the website with one simple click.
  3. Be creative about your hyperlinks. A dull isn’t cool. Get your writer to write hyperlink copy that really gives out ‘come hither’ signals.
  4. Add the “Notes” application and feature it as a Tab. Notes acts like a blog on your Facebook Page. You can use it to give more detailed updates about your brand, rather than just terse status updates.
  5. Add the Fan Box Widget to your website or blog.

    To grab a Fan Box Widget, login as an Admin to your Facebook Page and under the logo on your home view you will see the link “Add Fan Box to your site”. On that page you can grab code for a widget that you can embed on your organization’s website or blog that will display the status updates on your Facebook Page, thumbnails of your fans, as well as a “Become a Fan!” button. If your organization is investing time and energy into building your Facebook presence, then a Fan Box widget is a must. See the Sierra Club website and the Children’s Defense Fund website for live examples of the widget.

  6. Have more than one administrator for your Page. If your Page Admin quits, and there is no other Page Admin, then you have lost access to your Facebook Page and your fans.
  7. Add Twitter & YouTube Tabs to your Page. For a detailed process, visit Dios Communications’ step-by-step guide.



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