When nothing goes right, Failblog gets going

This is easily one of the internet’s most popular blogs. The blog whose tagline is “Helping you feel better about yourself everyday”. Whether you’ve had a dressing down from boss, a mere wardrobe malfunction or pressure cooker exploded, A few minutes on Failblog is all you need to get your spirit back up.

Around since January 2008, its collection of bloopers, badly written notices, bizarre news items and other things that did not go right has been entertaining millions of netizens non-stop. On the way, it picked up two Webby Awards in 2009, for People’s Voice in Humor and Weird. The interesting part about the blog is that visitors get to cast their ‘thumbs-down’ vote for each post (called a ‘fail’), and also to upload their own posts. It even has a Hall of Fame for the most popular ‘fails’ on the site, like the one below:-

Texas Marijuana bust fails!

And you can get two for the price of one, with its sister blog Engrish Funny. For those in the dark, ‘Engrish’ is English as (not) spoken by the Chinese, Japanese, Thais, Indians and other foreigners (who cannot speak it as badly as the British, Australians and Americans do). The name comes from the Japanese pronunciation of English, since in Japanese L and R are not separate characters. A motley collection of roadsigns, shop signs, movie subtitles and more that are unintentionally funny. The comic effect comes from the fact that many have been badly translated from their original language, without applying the rules of English.

Now we know where the old Greek Gods disappeared:
He died so we could eat!

Do keep them bookmarked. When you’ve had a bad, bad day, Fail Blog and Engrish Funny will be just a click away!

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