Facebook Frenzy – Public Policing

If you are one of those people who thought that Facebook was nothing but a waste of time then, it’s time to think again. The far reaches of the internet combined with social networking has lead to a rise of backdoor reporters who help cover breaking events when they happen. Natural calamity in a remote area where reporters can’t reach? The first responders in today’s digital age are a slew of netizens who jump on the likes of Facebook and Twitter to disseminate information. Facebook declared that in July of this year users from India passed the 12 million mark. Think of the number of potential reporters that are waiting in the wings of Facebook. This trend has become so important that established news agencies like CNN have come up with their own ways of tapping into this new trend. CNN has what is called iReport which is their very own way to get you to report for them. This is where the world of social networking and news meet.

The trend of normal people acting as reporters, or rather digital informants is fast catching on even in India. The Delhi police created a Facebook page which has seen a lot of users pitching in as good Samaritans doing their part to aid the police. Everyone is usually on their best behaviour when they see a cop about. But the fact is that when the cat’s away the mice do play. Not anymore though. With more than half the Indian population having a cellular phone with a camera, you never know who is looking when you cut that lane! The fact that there are so many do-gooders who have uploaded more than 3,000 photographs and dozens of videos to the Facebook wall of Delhi Police is testament to this.

The result? Over 665 photos have been issued based on these photos. True photos can be faked. Someone who bears a grudge against you might be trying to get even with you. This is exactly why a person can contest a ticket if he feels that the cause of the ticket was unjustified. What this is excellent example of how social networking has empowered society and how people just love to point fingers at others.

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