Facebook Heroes: The cute, the great and the ugly

Facebook has a strange way of making heroes out of completely ordinary people. Justin Bieber, Russell Peters, Susan Boyle and recent America’s Got Talent Winner Kevin Skinner owe much of their current fame and fortune (well, at least some of it) to the fact that their videos went viral on Facebook. But it seems to be in the nature of Facebook’s iconoclastic, flat structure that people like Colton Harris Moore and Steven Slater.

CH Moore has 24000+ ‘fans’ on Facebook, who apparently find enough heroism in stealing small aeroplanes and crash landing them. Their adoration of him does not seem diminished by the fact that he shot a sheriff’s deputy while evading arrest.

Steven Slater is not that bad; his fame lies in the dramatic way he resigned from his job as a JetBlue flight attendant, after the plane had just landed at New York. In his own words:

I lost patience after a female passenger had an argument with another passenger and then opened the bin door hitting me on the head without apologizing, I got on the microphone and said, ‘To those of you [who] have shown dignity and respect these last twenty years, thanks for a great ride.’ I accessed the porthole pulled the door handle inflating the slide, took my baggage and slid down the slide and left.

Needless to say, his action landed him in jail. He was to stay there till someone put up $2500 for his bail. For this, he has managed to get a fan page put up on Facebook, accumulated 87,000+ fans, and got somebody to pay his bail. And these fans are now contributing money for his legal defence.

Do we know of any such dubious Facebook celebrities closer home?

About ozymandias

What am I? A body and brain, products of carbon concatenation chemistry, an intelligence and conscience to enable bits of DNA evolve. Maybe a pharaoh, maybe a dung-beetle, never more than a safe conduit for some genes.
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