Will you be my Friend err… Facebook Friend?

Recently a small “SOUTH PARK” video is doing rounds on Facebook.

Direct Link to You tube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SgkfghupFE&feature=related.

Or View it here:

[You can see HQ version of this video if you “make me your friend” 😉 ].

Considering the number of “Likes”, “Comments” and “Shares” this video has, it’s quite evident that people (netizens of Facebook) do understand the subtle inner meaning of the video. a) Your father will still be your friend if you don’t add him up as your friend in your facebook profile b) Your “Ready for Heaven” ailing grand mom won’t die “insulted” if you don’t add her up as friend in your Facebook c) Your Girlfriend won’t consider you jerk if you prefer not to OR unintentionally forget to add her up as your friend.

But still, what drives us in this game? As one netizen rightly pointed out “Facebook is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORG) in which the primary objective is to “Collect” “FRIENDS”. It’s hilarious but so very true. What drives us to add people as friends? I have at least 300 odd “friends” but how many do I really chat with everyday or relate to? How many of those I have added as “Friends” are actually mere acquaintances? Are we scared that the person will feel offended if we haven’t added him/her as my facebook friend?

Why does this matter to us? I have some very strong friends whom I haven’t spoken or chatted with online for months, but when we connect we set the house on fire. Does adding someone in your facebook profile really matter to him or her or you?

So what’s the urge that drives the human race (I am only considering the human race – I don’t know if other inhabitants of this earth are present on Facebook or other social network sites) to this “Friend Collecting” game? Is this about a few seconds of fame for some of his/her big/small achievements in life? Is it the urge to get a “Like” or an “awesome comment” on the new saree or denim one has bought? Is it the push for some “fantastic remarks” one gets after copying and pasting some comments/ remarks/ thoughts or critical analysis of any news from somewhere else or from some friends? Is it simple “Time Pass” without any rhyme or reason? Or is it information sharing and keeping oneself updated without being present everywhere?

An amazing fact: Mark Zuckerberg – The main brain behind this “Friend collecting” game is himself one of the most introverted and fiercely private persons. He doesn’t like to speak to the press, and he does so rarely. He also doesn’t seem to enjoy the public appearances that are increasingly requested of him.
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So does this Social Networking game making us social or un-social? Aren’t we becoming loners from inside? Can we ask ourselves how many times we make the effort to meet a friend in person since we almost regularly connect through social network sites?

This Diwali can we open our door and wish our next door neighbor with a Mithai box rather than wasting time in making the same person “Your Neighbor” in Farmville or helping him/ her with cleaning the weeds in their “Farms”?

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