The Raymond Store Walkthrough on YouTube

17th November 2010: R K SWAMY Interactive launched an interactive campaign introducing The Raymond Store online. The campaign was hosted on YouTube. This was the first time a Raymond commercial was aired online before being released nationwide on television.

About the campaign

The focal point of The Raymond Store’s interactive campaign was an expandable roadblock YouTube property, fixed for a day. This means that anyone who is logging onto YouTube was privy to the premiere of the new commercial. Clicking on the ad would cause the video to expand and play on the YouTube homepage. A separate ‘The Raymond Store’ YouTube channel has been created to host the video. Banner ads promoting the new campaign link to a landing page which not only integrates the video but uses Google Maps to display The Raymond Store outlets across India.

Update: As the event has now passed, we created a video walkthrough of the premiere. You can see it here:

Incidentally, that’s also the first video on the RKS Interactive channel on YouTube. Keep a look out for more such videos!

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